Choosing the Right Dog Bed For Your Large Breed Dog

Choosing the Right Dog Bed For Your Large Breed Dog

Choosing a dog bed for large dogs doesn’t have to be tricky but it is important to choose the right bed. Adult dogs spend around 12-14 hours per day sleeping, if they have a larger frame and more weight to carry, it is important that they have a comfortable place where they can sleep undisturbed and well supported. We take a look at how to choose the right dog bed for large dogs to ensure that they get this comfort and support. In addition to this, further down this page, we also look at options for smaller dogs, injured or post op dogs, older dogs and multiple dogs. We share our handy tool to help you choose the right bed, and how to match your internal décor!

Choosing dog beds for large dogs

There are so many large breed dogs, or dogs that could be considered large that there may be too many to mention however, these are some of our more regular customers:

  • Great Dane (we have two of these ourselves)
  • Newfoundland
  • Burmese Mountain Dog
  • St Bernard
  • English Mastiff
  • Malamute
  • Doberman
  • Leonberger
  • Australian Shepherd
dog beds for large dogs

These are just a few examples of those that have purchased George Barclay beds for large breed dogs. These breeds often need the largest type of bed, one that supports their large and heavy frames and allows them the comfort of stretching out ensuring that they get the rest and recovery that they need.

Larger breed dogs will often need the largest type of bed, one that supports their large and heavy frames and allows them the comfort of stretching out. Choosing the wrong bed can lead to them being uncomfortable, unsupported and picking the floor over the bed you have invested in. The George Barclay Mattress Bed is designed for the largest of dogs and enables them to spread out without the hindrance of the sides of the sofa or box bed. There is an extensive range of sizes going all the way up to an XXL option measuring 135 x 90 x 15cm.

A dog bed for large dogs needs to give them space to get comfortable but also, has to support their joints, especially as they get older. Joint problems are more common among larger breeds as they have so much more weight to support therefore it is important to choose the right type of bed for your large dog. Some larger dogs will prefer the additional side support of the sofa bed but on the whole, for those that take up a lot of room, we tend to find that the George Barclay Mattress Bed for large dogs is the perfect choice. It is certainly a popular choice among our larger 4-legged friend customers.

Choosing a Large Breed Mattress

As well as choosing the right colour and style, you can also choose the type of mattress you want. Choose from Orthopaedic Blended Memory Foam or a Memory Topper Mattress. If you are unsure as to which is best for your dog, have a read of the information below to determine which is the best choice of large breed dog bed for your four-legged friend.

The Difference in our Mattresses

Orthopaedic - Blended Memory Foam Particles

Orthopaedic - Blended Memory Foam Particles

This particular choice is recommended for dogs that prefer to settle into their bed and is produced using a blend of memory foam and regular foam. The cushioning will remain cooler than a solid memory foam mattress, while retaining the orthopaedic properties. The blended memory foam particles easily mould around the shape of your dogs’ body, achieving supreme comfort and support for your companion. A simple shake of the fill will invigorate the particles as needed.

Memory Topper Mattress

The Memory Topper mattress is recommended for dogs that prefer a more stable bed, or predominantly sleep outstretched and is a formed mattress, offering superior comfort and supportive characteristics. The base of the mattress is produced from a high-density foam, providing uncompromised support for even the largest breeds. The mattress's top layer, utilises a dense memory foam with optimum rebound characteristics, allowing the mattress to contour to your dog’s body shape. The dual layer construction, ensures the mattress will remain cooler than a conventional memory foam mattress.

Memory Topper Mattress

Choosing the Right Bed for Your Small Dog Breed

With smaller breeds, you might say that you have much more choice. You don’t have to consider the size of the dog so much as you do the style that you like or even the colour however, it can be more confusing as to which is right for your dog. We actually have a handy tool here which will help you determine which is the right choice. Simply enter your dog details and it will recommend the right dog bed for your fur friends.

1. What size is your dog?

Toy Breeds - Chihuahua (up to 5kg)

We have soft walled 'Box Beds' to suit your dog's size.

Box Beds View Dog Beds
Small Breeds - Frenchie (up to 15kg)

We have soft walled 'Box Beds' to suit your dog's size.

Box Beds View Dog Beds
Medium Breeds - Beagle (up to 25kg)

2. What style of bed would you like?

Large Breeds - Labrador (up to 40kg)

2. What style of bed would you like?

X-Large Breeds - Doberman (up to 60kg)

2. What style of bed would you like?

XX-Large Breeds - Great Dane (up to 90kg)

We have mattress style beds to suit your dog's size.

Mattresses View Dog Beds

Small and Medium Breed Dog Beds

At George Barclay, we are extremely proud of the extensive choice of beds that we offer. Our Walled Box Bed range is perfect for the smaller dog. It gives them that enclosure and support for them to feel safe and secure in their bed. They have a removable cushion inside as well for ease of cleaning. The covers can be removed and washed and are easy to keep clean between washes. The box bed is often a favourite with small breeds as the sofa bed available in medium and large can be a bit on the large side. If you have a dog that likes to feel snug, check out our box bed range.

Small and Medium Breed Dog Beds

Our small to medium customers include:

  • French Bulldogs
  • Terriers
  • Spaniels
  • Chihuahua
  • Pomeranian
  • Beagle
  • Pug
  • Poodle
  • Maltese
  • Dachshund

Unlike our mattresses, with the George Barclay Box Bed there is just one choice of cushioning – this is the orthopaedic blended memory foam particles which mould around the shape of your dog’s body while remaining cooler than a sold foam mattress. You can actually re-invigorate the particles with a good shake. They are also really easy to clean.

Choosing a Dog Bed for Your Older, Injured or Post Op Dog

Older Dogs

Like large dogs, older dogs need more support for their joints. As they get older, they often develop conditions such as arthritis and can struggle to get up and down. A George Barclay bed is raised up off the floor enough to make it easy to get on and off, even for the most frail dogs. The orthopaedic blended memory foam particles offers them that cushioning that moulds around their frame and supports them.

The number of emails and reviews that we get saying that their older dog has finally found something that they can be comfortable on is overwhelming and we feel extremely proud that we can offer a solution to dogs so that they can enjoy their rest in their later years. Of course, while the orthopaedic blended memory foam is a favourite with many, others prefer the firmness of the memory foam topper which doesn’t mould as much – the filling is firmer and therefore it doesn’t tend to move around as much. Some dogs do prefer this.

Dogs Recovering from Illness or Injured Dogs

Like older dogs, dogs that are injured or dogs recovering from illness or an operation, will need a supportive bed that they can get in and out of easily. The George Barclay Sofa Bed offers a choice of blended memory foam mattress or the memory foam topper so you can choose which best suits your dog. With a huge range of styles and colours, there is something to suit everyone and plenty of room for your dog to sleep in comfort.

Choosing Dog Beds for Multiple Dogs

Are you seeking a bed for more than one dog? Perhaps, rather than having one each they prefer to sleep together. In many cases, dogs like to sleep curled up with one another – it’s the pack mentality that automatically makes them feel safer in numbers. Of course, this is not always the case and some dogs prefer their own space. If you are looking for a dog bed for more than one dog though, here are the key points to consider:

  • Do they all have the same requirements – is one suffering from a condition such as arthritis for example and needs a firmer bed?
  • How big are they? Are they of a similar size?
  • Do they all curl up or does one like to take up more room than the rest?
  • Is one a wriggler that will disturb the others?

The answers to these questions will determine the size of bed you will choose. If you have two beautiful small or medium sized dogs that sleep curled up around each other, you can get away with a smaller bed than those who like to make their presence felt. If you have two dogs that like to sprawl out then choose something larger. If you have a real fidget sleeper then two beds is often the best approach.

Matching the Bed to Your Interior

One of the things that we are very proud of is the extensive range of beds and colours that we offer. From grey and pink combos to the Country Classic, there is something to suit all tastes and styles. You can match your dog’s bed to your living room or kitchen so that it fits right in like part of the furniture. We are constantly introducing new collections as well so can change when you need to.

Buying Replacement Covers

Buying Replacement Covers

Did you know that we offer replacement covers for all of our beds? Yes, that’s right. As long as you choose the right size, you can choose from an entirely different range. Want to change the colour without buying a whole new bed? Just choose a different cover. In fact, at the time of ordering, you can order one style and colour and add on another to change with the seasons. You can have a spare for when you wash the covers or just when you fancy a change. All you have to do is go the bed that you want, go to the mattress drop down and select “replacement cover”. It’s that simple. Not only are our beds excellent quality, they are also versatile!

And That’s Not all

Pillow Beds & Luxury Beds

Pillow Beds & Luxury Beds

Last but not least, we should give a mention to our range of Pillow Beds and Luxury Beds. We currently have 7 styles of the George Barclay Pillow Bed available which come with blended memory foam particles inside. The great news is, if you are stuck between two colours, you can have them both, just add on a spare cover in a different colour to your order. Like all of our beds, the covers are removable so you can just pop it in the wash. Being as small as it is, you can have the cover back on in no time.

Pampered Pooch Dog Beds

Pampered Pooch Dog Beds

For the pampered pooch we have a designer range of leather dog beds. The Holmsley Walled Dog Bed is made from the finest Italian leather and crafted by artisans. We offer this in Oxblood Red, Mahogany Brown and Regal Blue. The opulent faux fur centre pillow is bound to entice even the fussiest pooch. You can even get matching accessories. Check out our leads and pet carriers too!

Happy to Help

If after all that, you still require help choosing the right dog bed for large dogs, small dogs, pampered dogs or for your pack, we are happy to help. As dog owners of multiple dogs ourselves, we have experience in all of the above. It may be that you already have a George Barclay dog bed but your needs have changed. We are on the end of the phone to offer personal help and advice to help you find the best option for your dog. We have solutions to suit all dogs, all tastes and all budgets. Just give us a call on 01722 712203 and have a chat with us.