How to Clean Your George Barclay Memory Foam Dog Bed

How to Clean Your George Barclay Memory Foam Dog Bed

Caring for your George Barclay Dog Bed properly will help to prolong its life, ensuring that you and your dog get the most out of it. One of the subjects we are regularly asked about is the correct process for caring for our beds so we thought we would share or top tips on how to clean your memory foam dog bed.

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Why Clean Your Memory Foam Dog Bed?

As humans, we regularly clean our bed sheets and we don't get into our beds with muddy feet, or lick our paws! It's just good hygiene practise to care for the place that you sleep. When you consider what dogs beds have to contend with; dog hair, muddy paws, licked paws, oils from their coat etc, it's not hard to see how their beds can get so dirty. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the bed will keep it smelling fresh, keep the memory foam evenly distributed and keep it looking as good as the day you bought it. 

Methods to Clean Your George Barclay Bed:


Dog hair comes in all colours, thickness, volume and for some, it can be overwhelming. As well as using a good dog brush, you are going to want a good vacuum. George Barclay memory foam beds are so easy to pop the hoover over. In fact, we recommend giving them a thorough vacuum as often as you would the house. This way, you will stop that build up of dog hair. 

It's also really important to hoover the bed before washing the covers - this way you stop the hair getting into the washing machine. Give it a good once over with the vacuum cleaner, pop it in a warm wash and voila. 

Spot Cleaning

Got a dirty mark that you want to remove? Spot cleaning with a damp cloth will get rid of most of the marks. With muddy marks, we recommend allowing the mud to dry, giving it a hoover and then spot cleaning the remaining dirt off with a damp cloth. This will save you having to wash the covers too often. 

Spot Clean Covers

Machine Washing

It's so easy to wash the covers when you want to clean your memory foam dog bed. Hoover the bed first to get rid of the hair, unzip the cover and remove. Then pop the covers in the wash. It is really important NOT TO TUMBLE DRY the covers. They must be air dried. Hang on a washing line or over an airer and leave to dry naturally. 

Then, simply pop the cover back on, we have video tutorials for each of our beds, showing the best way to re-assemble your dog's bed CLICK HERE TO WATCH. If you need to, you can give the bed a plump and redistribute the memory foam to reshape it but, the beauty of memory foam is that it doesn't tend to lose it's shape.

Clean Your Beds Cushioning

Freshen The Beds Cushioning

There's no better time to freshen the internal cushioning of your dog bed, than while to outer cover is being washed. These inner parts are filled with a mixuture of memory foam and normal foam, it is not practical to wash these. Instead, we suggest using a fabric freshener, or anti-bacterial product. Simply mist the liner with your chosen cleaner before wiping off the excess spray. Leave the liner to dry before assembling your dog's bed.

Replacement Covers

George Barclay dog beds come with replacement covers. It's so easy to choose a new cover. Many people tend to choose the same as they had previously but, what some don't realise is that all the relevant size covers will fit your bed. Let's take the sofa bed for example. Perhaps you have the Selbourne and you want to change to the Beckley. All you need to do is select the bed you want, use the dropdown menu to choose the replacement covers and order. 

Replacement Covers

It's so easy. If you are changing the decor in your home and want to match your dog bed, you can order a replacement cover in your colour of choice. Just make sure that you select the right size. You can even have two covers - one to suit the winter and one for summer, or if you just fancy a change. 

Having two covers is useful for when you are washing the covers, you can pop the spares on immediately and if you have a heavily soiled dog, or one that wets the bed when they are excited for example, you will always have a spare on hand. 

If you would like further information on how to clean your George Barclay memory foam dog bed, please do get in touch and we will be delighted to help. You can reach us on 01722 712203.