Tips for Keeping Your Dog Cool

Tips for Keeping Your Dog Cool

As we head into summer it is important to ensure that we look after our four-legged friend and that they don’t suffer from any potentially dangerous conditions such as heatstroke. We also want to make sure they are comfortable and that they can enjoy the sunshine responsibly. We take a look at some top tips for keeping your dog cool this summer.

Plenty of Shade

During those hot sunny days when you may take to the garden to enjoy the weather, it is important that your dog has shady spots to shelter. Some dogs love to lie in the sun but they will soon feel themselves getting hot and move to the shade. Dogs are pretty good at knowing when they are too hot and will soon move. Just make there are shady spots for them and if there aren’t make your own with parasols, blankets or gazebos.

ClimaCOOL Cooling Mats and Jackets

Our self-cooling dog mats and jackets don’t need to be refrigerated and are one of our top tips for keeping your dog cool this summer. The ClimaCOOL technology means that they are self-cooling. Just pop the jacket on your dog on a hot day if you are going out, or let them lie on one of our cooling mats in the shade. Available in sizes to suit all breeds, you can have the coolest pooch in town.

Self Cooling Mats for Dogs

Note - For the Summer of 2021, we have a deal on our grade B ClimaCOOL mats which have a slight discolouration on one side due to storage. Either get a mat at a deal that’s too good to miss or get one free with the purchase of a dog cooling jacket!

Walking at Cooler Times of the Day

The pavements can get too hot for paws outside and walking at peak times of the day can cause blisters to the paw pads. In addition to this, chasing about in the heat can cause your dog to overheat. Bloat and other conditions can arise as a result. If taking your dogs out on hot sunny days, be sure to do so before the temperature gets to hot early in the morning or later on the day. This way, they can run around and have fun without suffering. Limit the amount of exercise they do as well. If you have a dog that loves to chase around, perhaps keep them on a lead or limit the amount of time they are allowed to run around.

Frozen Treats

There are a whole raft of frozen treats that you can give your dog. We see lots of paw treats on Instagram where goats kefir is mixed with blueberries, strawberries and other healthy fruits and veg and then frozen in paw print trays. The alternative is to give them an ice cube but be careful not to give too much and to supervise your dog.

frozen dog treats

Supply Fresh, Clean Water

Always keep fresh, cool water accessible for your dog. Make sure they don’t drink too much though after their walk as this can lead to something called bloat. If you are going out in the car for a walk, take a bowl and a bottle of clean water with you so you know they have access to their own clean water. Avoid letting them drink from dirty ponds, reens and puddles.

While you need to take extra care with your dogs in summer, it's still important for you to enjoy the great outdoors. We hope the ClimaCOOL range can help you do that. For more information about our products, or if you have a general query about our ClimaCOOL range, we are happy to help. Simply call us on 01722 712203.