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George Barclay is synonymous with beautifully designed, high end, luxury orthopaedic dog beds in a range of different styles such as dog sofa beds, luxury walled dog beds, dog mattresses and dog pillow beds, as well as a comprehensive range of pet specific accessories. Our luxury orthopaedic dog beds are designed in the heart of Wiltshire, UK, using handpicked upholstery fabrics and materials sourced from across the globe. These attributes ensure our beds are truly unique, designed to suit your dog’s individual needs.

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Toy Breeds - Chihuahua (up to 5kg)

We have soft walled 'Box Beds' to suit your dog's size.

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Small Breeds - Frenchie (up to 15kg)

We have soft walled 'Box Beds' to suit your dog's size.

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Medium Breeds - Beagle (up to 25kg)

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Large Breeds - Labrador (up to 40kg)

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X-Large Breeds - Doberman (up to 60kg)

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XX-Large Breeds - Great Dane (up to 90kg)

We have mattress style beds to suit your dog's size.

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Choosing Your Dog's New Bed

George Barclay dog bed's - the definition of comfort

Our dog bedding collection is not only elegant and luxurious, it’s also highly functional, with a range of innovative technology built into each bed, to aid your dog’s wellbeing. Customers are able to select the cushioning for their dog’s bed. They can choose either an orthopaedic, blended memory foam particles filling or a memory topper mattress, to provide the correct comfort and support for their faithful companion.

All George Barclay dog beds include a water-resistant inner lining, which is fully equipped with Moisture ShieldTM Technology, this helps protect the bed’s cushioning from ingress of moisture. Our team developed the Moisture ShieldTM Technology specifically for use with dog bedding, with a flexible membrane, providing superior performance, combined with minimal noise, so as to not disturb your dog. The same inner liners will also prevent dust, dirt and smells from penetrating the beds cushioning, helping the inner components stay cleaner for longer.

To find out more about the functional attributes included with all George Barclay luxury dog beds click through to our Our technology page. Alternatively, If you’d like to get in touch with a member of our team, please call us on: 01722 712203.

We have more than 20 years’ experience designing and manufacturing luxury pet bedding, allowing us to perfect our craft, and provide our customers and their dearly loved pets with dog beds that are supportive, comforting and long-lasting.

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From sofa beds to luxury dog pillows, we have everything for the discerning dog

After a long, strenuous day there’s nothing better than being able to wind down and relax in the comfort of your own home. At George Barclay we want your dog to enjoy the same luxury. Our extensive range of high-end, luxury orthopaedic dog beds and sofa beds are practical, durable but most importantly, exceedingly comfortable.

We understand that your dog is unique, with their own, individual needs. Our comprehensive collection of luxury orthopaedic dog beds includes mattresses, soft-walled box beds, sofa beds and pillow beds. These dog and pet beds are available in a range of sizes, cushioning options and colours for you to choose from, to create the ultimate indulgence for your faithful companion.

Quality products made from the finest materials

Choose from contemporary and classic designs at George Barclay. All of our products are made from quality fabrics and the finest materials. Our range of luxury mattresses, sofa beds, soft-walled beds and pillow beds are some of the best on market, so you can ensure your dog benefits from maximum comfort. These beds are produced with top grade blended memory foam particles, with excellent cushioning and resistance characteristics, to assure your dog of a restful night’s sleep. For older dogs, our memory topper mattresses provide a firm, stable base, combined with the comfort of a memory topper, to minimise your dog’s pressure points.

In addition to our luxury dog bedding collection, we have developed our own-brands of high-quality dog and pet accessories including ClimaCOOL - dog cooling products , and MuttMOP – dog drying products. For the ultimate luxury, why not treat your dog to one of our Italian leather leads and collars , or treat yourself with an Italian leather pet carrier, produced in Tuscany, Italy. If you’d like to accessorise your dogs’ bed, one of super-soft pet throws or luxury dog blankets luxury dog blankets, ooze snuggle appeal.

All of our products are designed and hand crafted with your beloved pets in mind. Our team understands that every dog is unique which is why all of our luxury dog beds and accessories are bespoke to your dog and their needs. This includes size, age, mobility and much more. If you would like some advice on which bed would be perfect for your dog please let us know today and we will help you pick the perfect dog bed for you and your pooch.

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