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Box Style Dog Beds

Box style dog beds are primarily suited for dogs that prefer to sleep curled up. The George Barclay soft walled box beds provide both the sense of security and level of comfort that dogs of this nature require. This type of luxury dog bed is made with generous side walls, firmly filled with our blended memory foam particles, allowing a firm, yet comfy surface for your dog to rest against. Dogs who prefer to rest against the side of their dog bed, do so as it replicates how they sleep when nestled with their littermates as puppies, providing them with comfort and calming anxiety.
Box Style Dog Beds

High Quality Box Style Dog Beds

George Barclay – England, walled dog beds are designed and despatched from our purpose-built facility in the heart of Wiltshire. These box style or walled dog beds are produced using high quality upholstery fabric, sourced across Europe. We are extremely proud to have our very own bespoke system which is specifically developed to ensure the mixture and filling process of our orthopaedic memory foam particles, used to cushion our dog beds just right. If you would like more information on how our memory foam works please visit our our technology page today.

Choose Your Preferred Memory Foam Dog Bed

Customers opting for our sofa style dog beds, or dog bed mattresses, are able to choose between our blended memory foam particle mattress, for dogs that like to settle into the bed; or, alternatively, our memory topper mattress providing a firmer base with memory topper comfort. Our products perfectly suit all dogs from a range of sizes and needs alike.

Replacement Dog Bed Covers

One of the unique features of a George Barclay dog bed is their modular design. Customers are able to change and refresh their existing George Barclay – England dog bed with a replacement cover, available to order separately on our website. This will allow you to have a range of styles too and never be caught out when you wash one cover as you will always have the other.

Upon request our team is also able to provide replacement inner components, to ensure each bed is kept in the best shape possible. All of our beds utilise our Moisture ShieldTM liner liner, a water-resistant barrier, to ensure the beds cushioning remains dry and odour free.

Dog Beds to Suit All

George Barclay pet products are an affordable investment towards your pet’s health, comfort and happiness whilst of course ensuring they have a restful sleep routine. With a good selection of dog bed styles, dog bed sizes and mattress choices, you’ll be sure to find the best bed for your four legged companion, giving them the ultimate indulgence they deserve.

If you would like to purchase a new bed for your dog today, please begin by visiting our size guide, watch one of our informative video tutorials or give us a call today on 01722 712203, we're always on hand to give advice.

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