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High Sided Dog Beds - Box Style

A core part of the George Barclay dog bed range is our high sided dog beds selection. For those dogs that like to cosy up and feel secure, this bed offers the feeling of warmth and security with the protection of the high sides and raised front.

Dogs Natural Sleeping Behaviours

Box Style Dog Beds

Dogs are pack animals and like to huddle together to keep safe and warm. This begins as puppies when they will cosy up with their litter mates. Often, if you only have one dog, this need to feel the warm and secure can be emulated by nesting and providing a dog bed with high sides. Many dogs habitually make a nest at night to allow them to hunker down for a restful night. Providing your dog with a bed that helps them to achieve this level of comfort and security will go some way towards replicating this feeling.

Do Dogs Like Beds with High Sides?

The high sides of a dog bed offer a feeling of protection from the outside world. Not only that but they are extremely comfortable and allow your dog to ‘nest’ and snuggle. The George Barclay high sided dog bed is ideal for those dogs that like to sleep curled up. The high sides and front allow them to rest against the side of the bed, offering additional support. Unlike the dog mattress for dogs that like to sprawl, they are less exposed to the outside world.

Why Choose a George Barclay High Sided Bed?

The generous high sided walls are firmly filled with blended memory foam particles which gives the walls an extra firm feel. Ideal for those that like to rest against a comfortable, yet firm, surface. This replicates that feeling of nesting with their littermates as puppies and calms anxiety. In addition to this, they are also extremely stylish, available in a range of colours combinations and sizes.

Which Dogs are High Sided Beds Suitable For?

In sizes ranging from XS – XL, there are five different sizes of our dog box beds to choose from. This means from the smallest of toy dogs to the largest breeds, there is an option to suit all. Regardless of the size, or breed of your dog, a dog bed with sides is ideal for those that love to snuggle. You can provide the warmth and security they need to enjoy the sleep that they need. So for small or large dog bed with high sides, we’ve got you covered.

If you would like a little help determining the best dog bed for your dog, check out our handy bed selector.

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