Bailey's Story

Bailey's Story

Bailey was adopted at 6 years old by Lizzie and her family. He had come from an abusive family and needed a loving home. He quickly set about living his best life with Lizzie, enjoying family walks, playtime and lots of snuggles. 

Aged 9 - Bailey Was Given Weeks to Live

It was at 9 years that Bailey completely lost all enthusiasm for life and he got very poorly. He was diagnosed with chronic liver disease and the vets told Lizzie that he had just a few weeks to live. Lizzie did everything she could to give Bailey the life he deserved, however short it was.

Aged 11 - Bailey Defied the Odds

After a complete diet change, defying all the odds, Bailey is now 11 and still going strong. He does however have other health issues that mean he can’t run around as he once did. Bailey now suffers with a back condition. As yet it is not fully diagnosed but it is a spinal condition that causes intermittent nerve plain and muscle wastage in his back end.

It Was a Struggle for Bailey to Get Comfortable

Bailey’s condition means that he over transfers onto the front end. It is a struggle for him to get up into a car, to jump on to the sofa etc. He struggles to get comfortable, even with the painkillers he is on and his regular physio, which means he wasn’t sleeping well.

A Friend Introduced Lizzie to George Barclay Beds

A friend introduced Lizzie to George Barclay’s range of orthopaedic dog beds. Keen to do everything she could to support Bailey and improve his quality of life, she ordered a mattress bed for him. The moment it came, before the covers had even been put on, Bailey was on the bed with little sign of getting off. Eventually managing to put the covers on, Bailey soon found his comfortable spot. He then slept the entire afternoon.

Bailey is Now Sleeping Well

Lizzie sent us a message almost immediately, thrilled at Bailey’s reaction to the bed and relieved that she had finally found an orthopaedic dog bed solution to help Bailey get the sleep he so needs. We are absolutely delighted to hear that we have helped Bailey and hope that we have also helped other dogs in a similar situation.

If you have a story that you would like to share, please do get in touch with us.

baileys story