How To Choose A Dog Bed

How To Choose A Dog Bed

Did you know that dogs spend between 12-14 hours asleep? This means choosing the right bed for your dog is a really important decision. As a beloved member of the family, your dog deserves nothing less than a well-rested night’s sleep. A George Barclay dog bed can provide your dog with the comfort and support needed, to ensure they have an undisturbed, relaxed, night’s sleep.

George Barclay provides dog owners across the United Kingdom with only the best luxury orthopaedic dog beds. Our team is here to help you choose the perfect dog bed for your pooch, to speak with one of our team, please call us on 01722 712203. Alternatively, we’ve identified the key factors a dog owner should consider when choosing a new luxury dog bed for their faithful companion:


Size is arguably the most important factor when choosing a suitable bed for your pet. The size of bed should accommodate how your dog sleeps, rather than fit the beds allotted space within your room. A bed that may fit your dog well when they sleep in a curled position, may not allow them the freedom of movement to sprawl, thus varying their sleeping position.

For help with sizing your dog’s new bed, why not try our dog bed selector, to provide an initial size selection for your dog. You’ll also find comprehensive sizing information, of both internal and external dimensions of each product page. We also recommend measuring your dog when they are resting or sleeping to see how much sleep area they require.


Mattress Dog Bed

A mattress is primarily intended for dogs that like to stretch out, or don’t like the confines of a walled bed. Our three larger mattress sizes have a choice of cushioning, customers can select the correct filling to suit their dog’s weight, age and sleeping behaviour. Our mattress beds are available in four sizes, for medium, through to xx-large breeds. Each size of mattress has a generous side wall to ensure your dog is well supported at all times.

Mattress Dog Bed
Soft-Walled Dog Bed

Soft-Walled Dog Bed

Many dogs regard their bed as a place of sanctuary, as well as a place to sleep. Our soft walled box beds provide both the sense of security and level of comfort your dog requires. These beds are well-suited to dogs that suffer from anxiety, or prefer a walled surround to cuddle into, while they sleep. With four generous sizes of soft walled bed to choose from, we’re confident you’ll find the correct size of bed for your dog.

Sofa Dog Bed

Our sofa styled dog beds, are a popular choice for medium to large breeds. They offer the versatility of a mattress, with the additional side and back support associated with a walled bed. The bed’s large open front, provides your dog with better access than a soft walled bed. A sofa bed will cater for pretty much, every dog’s sleeping behaviour, customers can also select the mattress type, best suited to their dog’s weight, age and sleeping behaviour.

Dog Sofa Bed

Pillow Dog Bed

Luxury dog pillow beds can be used as a conventional dog bed or a travel dog bed. They are sleek and stylish and will look good in any home. These beds are softer than mattress dog beds but are equally as comfortable, with the same orthopaedic, memory foam qualities found in our other styles of dog bed. Available in one size, these pillow beds are suited to medium sized dogs.

Choosing The Correct Support

Memory Foam

George Barclay dog beds are produced using two different methods of orthopaedic memory foam cushioning. Before explaining the differences between our cushioning, we’d like to explain the merits of using Memory Foam:

Memory foam has the ability to relieve aches and pains which for elderly dogs is especially important. They are however, perfect for any condition and age as their orthopaedic properties help provide an uninterrupted, well rested night's sleep.

Memory foam also can regulate temperature which is a unique feature for memory foam. The memory foam will respond to your dogs temperature and provide a more comfortable platform. This will prevent your dog from overheating and choosing to sleep on the floor.

Memory foam will also mould around your dog's joints relieving pressure and contouring to the shape of your dog's body. This will provide extra comfort, support and added luxury.

Orthopaedic - Blended Memory Foam Particles

Our blended particle fill, not only provides the correct orthopaedic properties and rebound characteristics, the particles allow your dog to settle into the bed. We recommend this type of fill for dogs that like to snuggle, nestling themselves, to create their very own comfy spot. Our blended memory foam mattresses use internal channels, to control the particles movement. This ensures the mattress retains the supportive qualities your dog requires.

Blended Memory Foam Mattress
Memory Topper Mattress

Memory-Topper Mattress

These memory topper mattresses are beneficial older dogs, working dogs or dogs who suffer from joint related issues. The mattress is constructed in two layers, with a high-density foam base, combined with a memory foam top layer, providing optimum comfort and support. The mattress will remain cooler, than a conventional memory foam mattress. A memory topper mattress, provides a more stable base, than our blended memory foam particle mattress, it is also a firmer mattress, meaning your dog will not settle into the bed as much as our particle mattress.

Does my Dog Need An Orthopaedic Dog Bed?

Orthopedic dog beds are beneficial for all ages, breeds and weights of dog. Much like us, it is better for your dog to be well-supported and comfortable throughout their life. A good night’s sleep will help promote their well-being and help to prevent joint related issues which may occur later in life. The primary function of all our dog beds is to help alleviate pressure points, which may lead to joint issues later in life.


Choosing a bed which supports your dog's needs is of course key and the number one priority, but it is always nice to have a range of style choices too. George Barclay offers premier dog beds in a huge range of different colours which will either blend perfectly into your current home aesthetic or will stand out from the crowd and act as a statement piece the choice is yours.

Removable Covers

Furthermore, our customers are able to purchase a replacement cover for their existing bed. An extra cover is an ideal addition, when washing their current dog bed cover, replacing a worn dog bed, or revitalising their bed with a new colourway.

Brand Reputation

When it comes to buying a new dog bed it is so important to look at the company you are buying from, this is where George Barclay England Limited stands tall above the rest. The team all share the same passion to create outstanding pet products which are intended to enhance the lives of pets and owners.

With a wealth of more than 20 years’ experience within the pet sector, our team is well-versed to deliver the quality, functionality and practicality, demanded by dogs and their owners. If you would like more information on us or our premier products, please get in touch with a member of the team today on 01722 712203.