What Are the Benefits of Memory Foam Dog Beds

What Are the Benefits of Memory Foam Dog Beds

The benefits of a memory foam dog bed go far beyond it just being a cosy place for your dog to sleep. In fact, there are many health benefits and reasons why a memory foam dog bed is the ideal solution for your four-legged friend. Whether large or small, we have a solution to suit all dogs from our blended memory foam mattresses for large dogs to our memory foam mattress toppers. Of course, which you choose will depend on a number of factors so we thought we would share some helpful information about our memory foam dog beds and your options.

Blended Memory Foam

Our blended memory foam particles are produced on site in our Salisbury factory using a combination of memory foam and high-density foam before the mattresses are filled and the covers are added prior to shipping. The blended memory foams offers the following benefits to your dog:

blended memory foam dog bed
  • Produced using a blend of memory foam and high-density foam in the UK
  • Offers a supportive cushion with orthopaedic properties
  • The mattress moulds around the shape of your dog’s body
  • Particles move within channelled liners to accommodate dog’s body shape
  • The perfect ‘nest’ for your dog to get cosy
  • Invigorate the particles with a simple shake
  • Easy to clean the memory foam encasement

Memory Foam Topper

 An alternative to the blended memory foam particles, the memory foam topper is a formed mattress, produced from high-density foam, it offers the following benefits:

memory foam topper
  • Superior comfort and support for even the largest breeds
  • Top layer provides optimum rebound characteristics
  • Dual layer ensures mattress remains cooler than a conventional memory foam mattress
  • Forms the shape of your dog’s body
  • Helps relieve pressure from achy muscles and stiff joints
  • Great for dogs susceptible to arthritis
  • Prevents dog from overheating or looking for an alternative cool place to lie

A Comfortable Night’s Sleep for Dogs

Whichever type of mattress you choose for your dog’s bed, memory foam offers relief for those dogs with aches and pains associated with ageing dogs or those with joint and muscle issues. It provides a more comfortable night’s sleep allowing your dog  the benefits of a cool, temperature regulating solution that moulds to your dog’s shape.

For those of you that have a memory foam mattress for yourself, you will understand the benefits of this material and how it can aid a good night’s sleep. As dogs spend so much of their time sleeping, having the best quality of sleep is so important.

Easy to Keep Clean

Our memory foam solutions are encased in a water resistant lining and the covers are removable and replaceable. Either spot clean them as and when to remove spills and dirty marks or whip them off and pop them in the washing machine then put them on the washing line to dry. We don’t advise tumble drying the covers but allowing to dry naturally. If you fancy a change, you can just order new replacement covers for your size of bed to suit.

If you want to find out more about our memory foam dog bed solutions, simply visit our website and check out or range of beds or you can call us on 01722 712203.