Exploring MuttMOP Dog Drying Products

Exploring MuttMOP Dog Drying Products

Whether it’s the height of summer or the middle of winter, one thing that you can always be sure of at some point is a wet dog! Let’s face it, even in the warmest months of the year, there is still no escaping those showers that often come without warning when the dog needs walking, leaving you and the dog soggy!

If it’s not rain, it’s the streams and rivers that your dogs like to cool off in. Many of you will be nodding in appreciation at the thought of your dog jumping in a river or stream or simply lying down in a big, muddy puddle.

Bath time is another treat when you invariably end up wetter than the dog. A wetsuit is usually a good idea, especially if you have to lift the dog in and out of the bath. Some people are lucky enough to have wet rooms where it’s not too much of a problem if the dog is shaking all over the place. If you don’t have one of these though, you are going to want to be prepared.

Drying Dogs in Summer

While your dogs can dry off pretty quickly in the heat, that’s not much help if they’ve decided to go for a swim on your summer’s day walk and now they have to get in your car. For those of you that have bathed your dog, come in from a wet walk, or witnessed them coming out of a puddle or mass of water, what’s the first thing they do? Yep - one shake and if they are in your car or your home, it’s like watching a slow-motion disaster movie.

How to Dry a Wet Dog

Wet Winter Dogs

It’s much worse when you have a wet dog in the winter. At least in the summer, you can leave them outside to dry off for the most part. In the winter, it’s a battle between getting them from outside to inside in the least messy way possible. Some people have the luxury of outbuildings or utility rooms that are dog proofed. Even so, your muddy, wet dog will still leave a mess, wherever you put them.

While we can’t solve your wet dog problem in its entirety, our dog drying robes do offer a solution to reduce the amount of dirt and grime that finds its way into your boot or your home. You can get the worst of the mud and water off with a dog drying towel and then wrap them up in their cosy dog drying robe. Great at bath time too when you can dry the dog off and wrap them in their Drying Robe – it’s like your dog’s very own dressing gown. We will also be saving your lovely bathroom towel too! You can thank us later.

The Dog Drying Robe Range

Dog Drying Robe Jacket

Whether large, medium or small breeds, our range of MuttMOP Dog Drying Robes are superb for wrapping around your dog when they are wet and muddy. Simply pop it over their head, wrap it around their torso and do up underneath with the velcro strap. Then let them dry off in comfort without worrying about them getting cold or your car/home getting wet. Stop the shake by wrapping them in the absorbent material of the Drying Robe.

In a choice of colours, you can choose to dress your dog in their most flattering colour be that Grey, Olive or Plum. The Dog Drying Robe also comes in a range of 8 sizes ranging from XXS – XXL. Our MuttMOP Drying Robes are produced using a dual weft microfibre which soaks up water and dries very quickly. Practical in more ways than one, it also has girth adjustment via the Velcro strap and a fold-over/stand-up collar. They are easy to pop in the washing machine too.

Dog Drying Towel

Want to get the majority of the water off before you wrap them in a drying robe? The MuttMOP Dog Drying Towel saves your towels and does a great job of absorbing the moisture. You will be so impressed, you will want one for yourself.

Dog Drying Towel

Dense Microfibre Noodles

MuttMOP Dog Drying Mat

We also have a range of products produced from dense microfibre noodles which are super absorbent. Our Dog Drying Mat is one such product which means your wet dog has somewhere to lie while they dry off. Great news for the boot of your car or your kitchen floor. A great addition to the back door when muddy paws come back in from the garden. The Grooming Mit is also made from the same materials, as is our Deluxe Dog Drying Towel.

Any or all of these products are small enough to fold up and take with you on your walks or days out and big enough to make a difference. Muddy trails, wooded walks, rivers, streams, the seaside or simply bath time. You can rest assured that George Barclay has you covered (or at least your dog).