Choosing a Dog Feeding Bowl

Choosing a Dog Feeding Bowl

As dog owners, our dogs don’t require much - love, affection and a good home being at the top of the list. There are a few necessary items that will make their life comfortable from their puppy years right through to their twilight years. These include a collar, a lead, a good quality dog bed, lots of affection, cuddles and walks and of course, their food! Feeding time is one of the highlights of a dog’s day and every dog needs the right dog feeding bowl. We take a look at what you need to consider when choosing the right dog feeding bowl for your dog.

Popular Dog Feeding Bowl Materials

There are various options when it comes to dog feeding bowl materials. Let’s examine the most popular ones:

  • Stainless steel - Long lasting, easy to clean and hygienic. Be careful if left in the sun or outside in the cold as they will get very hot or cold. Any water left outside in the sun will quickly heat up in a stainless steel dog bowl
  • Ceramic – these are a popular choice that don’t tend to move around when your dog eats however, you need to make sure you give them a thorough clean
  • Melamine – This non-toxic plastic is becoming increasingly popular. It’s durable, easy to clean and won’t break if you drop it
Melamine and Stainless Steel Dog Feeding Bowl

What Size Dog Bowl Should You Choose?

Choosing the size of your dog feeding bowl will very much depend on what size your dog is and how much they eat. The bowl should be big enough to fit 2-4 times the amount of food that your dog actually eats in it. This way it allows them to push it around and eat comfortably. Obviously, you are going to need a smaller bowl for a French Bulldog than you will for a Great Dane.

If you have multiple dogs and are choosing a double feeder, you can choose a larger size option that accommodates both dogs. If choosing an adjustable double feeder however, you need to make sure that both dogs can access it.

Consider the Breed

Choosing a Feeding Bowl for your Dog

There are many breed factors to consider when choosing a dog feeding bowl. A deep bowl, for example, will be better for those dogs with larger faces and longer snouts, whereas a brachycephalic with a flatter face will need a shallower bowl to be able to access the food. For those with long floppy ears like spaniels, you can either find something to hold their ears back or choose an elevated bowl so that their ears don’t fall down into their food or water.

Dogs That Rush Their Food

Dogs that Rush Their Food

If you have a dog that tends to inhale their food, you may want to look at a slow feeding bowl. There are many different types from mats and wobbly bowls to bowls with grooves that mean the dog has to work harder for the food. These not only help with digestion, they also provide stimulation for the dog.

Choose a Dog Bowl with a Non-Slip Base

Stainless steel water and food bowls tend to slip around on a shiny surface – if you have a vinyl or laminate floor, you may find the dog is pushing the bowl round all over the place. This not only creates mess for you to clean up, it can also be frustrating for the dog that can’t easily access their food. A non-slip base is a must with a dog feeding bowl that is placed on the floor.

Dog Bowls With a Non-Slip Base

Choosing a Height Adjustable Feeding Bowl

Height Adjustable Dog Feeding Bowl

Much of the time, a dog’s food and water dishes are placed on the floor. For many dogs this is fine, however, some dogs, especially brachycephalic dogs with special digestion requirements and larger or older breeds who suffer from joint issues, are better served by raising the bowl off the ground.

If the bowls are placed at an elevated height, you allow a more upright position which can be extremely beneficial. Placing the dog bowls at a raised height reduces the strain on a dog’s joints – especially their neck and shoulders.

How to Determine the Correct Feeding Height

How do you know which is the right height? While some dog bowls come on stands that are a set height, you can actually get those that are adjustable. These adjustable bowls mean that you can choose the right height for your dog and tweak as necessary.

Measure your dog standing from under the front paws to the top of the shoulders. Then subtract 5 inches. Your dog needs to be able to eat without reaching upwards or bending down. The top of a dog feeding bowl should be level with the lower part of the dog’s chest to reduce the pressure and strain on the neck and shoulders and to ease digestion.

Travelling Dog Bowls

Travel Dog Feeding Bowl

When going camping or on a day trip with your dog, it’s useful to have dog bowls that collapse and fit neatly in your bag/boot etc. If you spend a lot of time out and about with your dog, it’s definitely worth looking at adding one to your dog’s accessory collection.

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