Where is the best place to put my dog's bed?

Where is the best place to put my dog's bed?

If you are deciding on a new bed for your dog, chances are your first consideration will have been deciding which bed to choose for your dog. Once you have ordered your bed and the moment comes to unbox it, where are you going to put it? ‘Where is the best place to put my dog’s bed?’ is a question we are often asked. So to help you decide, here are our tips and advice:

  1. Position the bed away from a draft or direct source of heat
  2. Choose a room that the dog likes to sleep in
  3. If your dog sleeps near to you, position the dog bed close by
  4. Move it around if they like to be close to you by day and night
  5. Match your bed to your decor
  6. Consider multiple beds for different locations

That’s the short version. To discover more about where you should position your dog’s bed, carry on reading, below.

Article contents:

Where should dogs sleep in the house?

Let’s begin with where a dog should sleep. Now, opinion is divided on this. Some believe that dogs belong in a separate room away from the bedroom, or indeed the upper floor of the house, and have a designated utility room or kitchen area. Others believe that their dogs should sleep close to them. As long as your dog feels safe, warm and secure then they won’t mind where they sleep – they will get used to a space. If they are introduced to a certain area to sleep as a puppy, it is likely that they will continue to sleep there. A crated puppy will invariably still return to the crate each night as it’s like a den – somewhere they feel safe and secure.

Sleeping in same room as your dog; it’s a personal choice

It is very much down to the individual to decide where your dog’s sleep space is and whether you want them to sleep in the same room, or on the same floor, as you. There are many people that have a ‘no dogs upstairs’ policy which means that the dog often ends up sleeping in the living room, kitchen or alternative space. This is perfectly fine. While a dog is generally a pack animal and likes the company of others, they don’t need to be by your side all the time if this is what they are used to, even if they do follow you to the toilet!

Some dogs do suffer with separation anxiety. This may just be being left alone when you leave the house, but others, that aren’t ever used to being left alone, may struggle when you go to another room. This can make it a struggle when it comes to encouraging them to sleep anywhere other than near you.

Are they a working dog or a house dog?

Another consideration is whether the dog is a working dog or a house dog. Working dogs tend to have outside heated kennels or rooms that they are more than happy to sleep in – especially if there is more than one of them. It’s a personal choice for each owner.

Ultimately, where should my dog sleep?

Your dog probably likes to follow you around and will sleep wherever you are. If you work from home, in the daytime this could be close to you downstairs. At night, it may have a favourite spot or it may follow you upstairs. They should be in a dark place where they feel safe and warm and can comfortably sleep. You will probably find that they create their own sleep space where they prefer to sleep. If you don’t have a dog bed already, where do they choose to rest? This gives you a good indication of where to put their bed at night.

Is it ok to move a dog’s bed around?

If your dog has a few favourite spots – one or two for daytime and then somewhere they like to sleep at night, you may want to consider purchasing two beds – a day option and a night time one. Alternatively, it is ok to move the beds around. However, if you are lugging large dog mattresses up and downstairs, this may get a little tiresome when repeated every day. Consider your habits. Are you at home all day working? If this is the case a daytime option is a great idea – somewhere they can be close to you most of the time. You can then choose beds that are in keeping with the rooms that they reside in.

Where do you put a dog bed?

If you are trying to decide where to put your dog bed then you should consider the following:

  • How it fits into the room that they are sleeping in
  • Ensure that it is away from any draughts – windows, doors etc.
  • Keep it away from sources of heat – don’t back it up to the radiator for example
  • That it isn’t a trip hazard for other members of the house
  • That it matches the décor of course!

A bed should primarily be comfortable and supportive and give your dog the space they need to sleep how they like to but all of the above will help you decide on where to position your dog bed.

If you need help choosing the right bed for your dog, you can use our handy dog bed selector. This will help you decide the best size, style and mattress type for your dog. We are also on hand to answer any questions you might have.