Introducing Our Autumn/Winter Bed Colours

Introducing Our Autumn/Winter Bed Colours

Check out our new autumn colours and match your dog bed to your interior this season.

That’s right, we are delighted to introduce our new Autumn/Winter colours designed to fit right in and welcome the seasons into your home. As well as producing our luxury dog beds in new vibrant and warm tones to add a pop of colour, we also have some more neutral tones to fit right in with the theme of your living room, kitchen, bedroom or wherever else your canine companions get to sleep.

The Vibrant Colours

Ginger & Ember Dog Beds


As the autumn leaves start to fall and the coffee shops start promoting their ginger lattes, nothing says autumn quite like this colour combination. This Ginger and Ember, is highly complementary and would look great in a room with a real wood fire, adding vibrancy and warmth to a room. Match your dog bed to the season and alongside those seasonal smells, you and your dog can cosy up by the fire and relax after a long day at work.

This option is available in our popular Dog Sofa Bed as well as our Boxed Wall Beds. Currently not available in our Mattress style. In our Boxed Wall Bed collection, you will also find a Ginger/Chestnut option.

Mahogany & Cherry Dog Beds


More warm colours to add some colour and depth to your home this winter with our Mahogany/Cherry combination. The Cherry is perfect to add some real depth of colour and bring some colour to those cold days and dark nights.

You will find this combination in all of our style options including Dog Sofa Bed, Boxed Wall Bed, Mattress and the Pillow bed in Cherry.

Liquorice & Cherry Dog Beds


If you want to enjoy the vibrant Cherry colour but mahogany is not matching your colour theme, how about opting for liquorice instead? With grey theme de being a popular choice for many interiors currently, the liquorice will complement the colour theme while adding a pop of colour to your home.

This is a limited edition colour combination and only available as a George Barclay Sofa Bed.

The More Natural Tones – Dog Sofa Beds

For those of you considering ordering one of our Dog Sofa Beds, there are two new colours to consider – Toffee and Mocha.

Toffee Dog Beds


If you want something less vibrant but sticking with the earthy tones of autumn, our Toffee luxury dog beds are a real winner. 

Mocha Dog Beds


Sticking with the earthy natural tones, enjoy your coffee by the fire with your four-legged companion stretched out in their Mocha Sofa luxury dog bed.

Chestnut Dog Beds


Christmas wouldn’t be complete without chestnuts roasting on an open fire so, as we head into the autumn/winter season, it’s only right that Chestnut should figure as one of the key colours to the George Barclay collection. There isn’t just one option to choose from – in fact, you are spoilt for choice.

  • Chocolate and Chestnut
  • Cocoa and Chestnut
  • Mahogany and Chestnut
  • Taupe and Chestnut
  • Ginger and Chestnut (for that pop of colour)

Then of course there is the classic George Barclay Chestnut beds from our Country collection.

The only trouble you are going to have is choosing from such an extensive range.