Choosing the best dog beds for older and senior dogs

Choosing the best dog beds for older and senior dogs

As dogs advance in years, they can develop arthritis and other ailments that mean they struggle to move as freely as they once did. It can be hard for them to get comfortable, and to get up and down off the bed or the couch as they once did. When it gets to this stage of a dog’s life, how do you give an older dog a good night’s sleep?

  1. Buy them a dog bed for senior dogs that is easily accessible 
  2. Find the right mattress that supports their frame 
  3. Give them a space of their very own to enjoy their senior years

That’s the short version. To discover more about how to give senior dogs a good night’s sleep, carry on reading below.

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What do older dogs need to get a good night’s sleep?

Once upon a time, your dog probably slept anywhere, often right next to you whether that meant in your bed or alongside you on the couch (even when you didn’t want them to). Some dogs will even fall asleep on the floor at your feet or in that sunny patch by the door/window. As they get older however, it becomes more difficult. Senior dogs aren’t as agile as they once were and, like humans, they slow down, struggle to bounce around as they once did and everything becomes more laboured and slow. 

Once they get to a certain age, they need a space that is comfortable, easily accessible and somewhere that they can use as a retreat. A place to lay their head that allows them to sleep soundly. Often that is a quality, orthopaedic dog bed. 

What kind of bed is best for older dogs?

The answer to this question very much depends on the age, breed, size and ailments that your dog might be suffering with. Is an orthopaedic dog bed best for senior dogs? Often, it is the perfect solution. They need a surface that is firm but not too firm, comfortable but not too soft and somewhere that they can easily get in and out of. In the case of smaller senior dogs, a walled box bed is a great solution, it offers comfort and protection with its high sides and a bolster to rest their head against. In the case of large breed dogs, often an orthopaedic dog bed for larger dogs is the best idea - a mattress that supports their heavier frame without it being too hard to get in and out of. 

There are so many different types of bed to choose from that it will depend on your dog’s individual requirements but our handy dog bed selector tool is a great help. Not to mention just how much choice there is to suit dogs of all shapes and sizes including senior dogs that are advancing in age.

We could extol the benefits of our dog beds for senior dogs all day but let’s hear from a happy owner.

Lisa and Diggerley’s story

Lisa’s two dogs are both Cocker Spaniel’s - 13 year old Diggerley and the impish youngster, 4 year old Merlin. As Diggerley was advancing in years, he started to become arthritic. It was heartbreaking to see him trying, but failing to jump up on the sofa with Merlin and it became clear that he needed a comfortable, and accessible place to sleep.



Purchasing a bed for Diggerley

Lisa decided it was time to purchase a bed for Diggerley. An orthopaedic bed which was more accessible that would offer sanctuary to him and an appropriate surface for him to sleep. She chose a Blackberry coloured, Exbury Walled Orthopaedic Dog Bed which Diggerley could call his very own. 

The moment the dog bed arrived, he instinctively knew it was his. He stopped trying to jump on the sofa and trotted over to his very own luxurious sanctuary - much to the dismay and jealousy of Merlin. Apparently, it looked so comfortable that the humans in the family also attempted to climb in. They loved the plush central pillow and cosy inner sidewalls of soft woven material which perfectly complement the contrasting faux leather exterior. The bed has become a talking point for visitors, marvelling at how incredible it looks in our gothic-style sitting room and especially admired are its faux suede piping and embossed faux leather patch embellished with an English flag.

After a few days getting used to his new surroundings, they noticed how Diggerley adores using the side bolster to rest his weary head. Another huge benefit is how the blended memory foam mattress remains cool during hot weather and has moulded around his shape. Plus, it’s machine washable which is a great asset.

A comfortable place for Diggerley to sleep 

Lisa said “It’s heartbreaking to watch your dog advancing into their senior years, though we are trying to stay positive and remember all the so many amazing memories we’ve shared with Diggerley. Our handsome son has been in modelling shoots for glossy magazines, been fussed over by many celebrities (I used to edit OK! Magazine), and even saved my life by sniffing out a lump which turned out to be aggressive cancer.

Like all devoted dog owners, we want to make his final years with us as comfortable as possible. Which is why our George Barclay bed has been an absolute blessing. Thankfully, no longer do we have the pressure of watching our proud fellow struggle to jump on the sofa. And judging by the hearty snores that emanate as he rests across his new bed, it seems our old boy couldn’t be more delighted”.


If Lisa’s story has resonated with you, or you would like more help to choose your George Barclay dog bed, we are only too happy to help. Please contact us at or call us on: 01722 437477