How to Choose a Dog Bed for an Older or Senior Dog

How to Choose a Dog Bed for an Older or Senior Dog

If your dog is approaching, or in their senior years, it’s important to provide them with a dog bed that offers maximum comfort. In order to select the correct dog bed, there are a number of factors to consider:

Sleep Position
Does your dog like to feel surrounded, or enjoy sleeping against the side of the bed, if so they would more than likely prefer a soft walled, box style dog bed, or sofa bed, with a 3-sided bolster. Both of these beds provide a secure feeling and offer draught protection for your dog.

A soft walled box bed is an ideal choice for dogs who spend most of their time in a curled sleeping position, or that feel the cold.

If your dog likes to spread themselves across their dog bed, and seldom curls, then a mattress style bed would be a better option for them. A sofa bed would also be an option, as this has a large open front, for easy access, yet retains side bolsters for use as a headrest or backrest.

To ensure your dog is comfortable it’s important to choose the correct cushioning. In our experience there are two distinctive sleeping habits.

Firstly, for dogs that like to settle into the bed we suggest our blended memory foam particles. This type of cushioning allows your dog to pad or nest the bed to their liking before they settle into the bed. The orthopaedic memory foam characteristics, ensure your dog is well supported throughout the night.

For dogs that prefer a more rigid bed, we suggest a formed mattress, such as our encapsulated pocket sprung mattress. This mattress is more stable, offering a more predictable level of support for your dog. Recommended for larger breeds.

How mobile is your dog, do they have arthritis, or find it difficult to stand when they have been sleeping? If the answer’s yes, then it would be best to choose a bed that is easier for them to get out of, such as a mattress dog bed or sofa bed. Both of these are available with a formed mattress, making the bed more stable underfoot while your dog maneuvers too and fro.

Older dogs are more likely to have the odd accident, and may be more susceptible to bacteria than younger dogs. It is important to choose a dog bed that is easy to maintain and offers protection against those little accidents.

Our beds are fitted with removable outer covers, these can be machine washed at 30 degrees. Replacement covers may be purchased separately, meaning you can have a spare cover to hand, while one is being washed.

To protect the beds inner cushioning, our beds are fitted with a Moisture ShieldTM inner liner. This water resistant barrier helps keep your beds cushioning in an optimum condition.

We hope this article has been helpful in choosing the correct bed for your dog. Should you have any further questions, or wish to discuss any of the points covered please contact us at or call us on: 01722 437477