Choosing the Correct Bed for Your Dog

Choosing the Correct Bed for Your Dog

Just like us, your dog has preferences, to how they sleep and ultimately the type of bed they’d like to snuggle up in each night, if given a choice. With dog owners taking a more considered approach to their dog’s health requirements, more owners are mindful of making the correct choice when it comes to their dog’s diet, exercise and sleeping requirements.

To help dog owners make an informed decision when purchasing their dog’s next bed, luxury dog bedding brand George Barclay – England have released an informative video guide. There are many different sleeping positions for your dog, and just like us your dog isn’t going to stay in the same position all night. It’s essential to select the correct size of bed to allow your dog to stretch out, if they desire, and not be confined to one position.

A curled sleeping position is by far the most popular. This position means that your dog may be trying to conserve body heat, it’s the most common position for animals in the wild. Many dogs adopt this pose, as it’s an incredibly comfortable, warm way to sleep. If this is your dog’s preferred sleeping position, they would be more suited to a more enclosed bed.

Then, there are dogs that like to sprawl, there are many sleep positions associated with sprawlers. Probably the most amusing is crazy legs, with the dog on their back with their legs flung in the air. This is an indication that they are confident and relaxed with their surroundings, it may also mean they are hot and are exposing their belly to cool down. Side sleeping is another example of sprawling, a relaxed and comfortable sleeping position, showing that your dog is at ease with their surroundings.

If your dog prefers to sleep in this way, they would be more suited to a more open bed, such as a mattress. Mattress beds provide the freedom of movement, combined with the comfort and support your dog requires for a restful sleep.

A bed which has proven to be very popular is a sofa styled bed, or 3-sided bolster bed. These beds cater for pretty much all sleeping behaviours. They’re a good alternative to a fully enclosed bed or unrestrictive mattress bed. The large open front allows for better access than a soft walled bed, with a mattress base giving your dog room to sprawl if they desire to do so.

As well choosing the style and size of their dog’s new bed, many manufacturers, such as George Barclay – England, provide a choice of mattresses, to further fine tune the bed to your dog’s specific sleeping behaviour. Options include particle fills, such as blended memory foam, a memory foam topper mattress, or even an encapsulated pocket sprung mattress!

Above all it’s important to choose the correct size of bed for your dog.  Strange as it may seem, we suggest using a fabric tape to measure your dog in their natural sleeping position. Compare this measurement to the sleep area of the bed you’re looking to purchase, before deciding upon the size of bed for your dog.

Choosing Your Dog's New Bed