High-sided Box Bed is in High Demand!

High-sided Box Bed is in High Demand!

The classic box bed, or soft walled dog bed has always proved to be a popular choice with almost all breeds of dog. The common denominator being the sides of these beds provide a sense of security for the occupant, as well as sheltering dogs from feeling the draught.

Our high-sided version takes this feature one step further by increasing the attribute that makes this style of dog bed great. As well as a considered increase in overall sidewall height, our box beds’ side bolsters are filled with a good level of cushioning to deliver a firm, supportive, yet comfortable feel.

All our high-sided box beds have a removable outer cover, great for washing or to update your existing bed with a new colour or style. It is also possible to adjust the amount of fill in each side bolster and centre cushion, simply open the inner liner and remove an amount of fill until the desired feel is achieved.

The George Barclay high-sided box beds are available in four sizes, from small to x-large which measures more than a meter across! Start looking for you dog’s high-walled box bed NOW!