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MuttMop Dog Drying Products - Dog Drying Towels, Mats & Robes

MuttMOP® dog drying products, developed by George Barclay, are the ‘must-have’ accessories for dog owners. Whether your dog’s enjoying a muddy forest trail, a day at the seaside or simply having a bath, you’ll find our range of drying accessories will clean and dry your dog with ease.

Our MuttMOP® collection comprises of ALL the products dog owners require to, dry and clean their dog after a wet & muddy walk, something British dog owners are all too accustom. The MuttMOP® products utilise microfibre cleaning & drying technology. The material removes dirt effortlessly, locking it away within the material’s fibres. The same technology means these products will absorb more water and dry faster than conventional products. This means they are not only great for the dog, they are also convenient for dog owners.

Begin browsing our MuttMOP collection today to find the perfect drying aid for your dog:

Deluxe Dry Mat – Ideal for use at home, or in the car, to dry your dog’s underside and feet. These mats use our super-noodle fabric, for effective drying, as well as a comfortable surface to lay.

Deluxe Dog Towel – Using the same super-noodle fabric, as our dry mats, the deluxe dog towel dries effortlessly. There are two integral hand-pockets, to achieve a smooth and effective rubbing motion.

Deluxe Grooming Mitt – Perfect for wiping down your dog’s coat and removing/de-matting loose hairs.

Dog Drying Robe – Your dog can snuggle up, and dry-off in one of our premium drying robes, made using dual pile microfibre. These drying coats are available in eight sizes, each with a generous neck opening and an adjustable waist belt to achieve a snug, yet comfortable fit.

Dog Towel – These are very effective and compact enough to take with you, ready for any eventuality, large or small!

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MuttMOP® Deluxe Dry Mat (Large) MuttMOP® Deluxe Dry Mat (Large)