Matching Your Dog Bed To Your Interior

Matching Your Dog Bed To Your Interior

Hands up if matching the style and colour of your dog bed to your home interior has an influence on your purchasing decision.

For lots of our customers, making sure the dog beds complements the interior of their homes is an important consideration when choosing a dog bed. While there are many factors that will all contribute to the decision you will eventually make, including cost, comfort, orthopaedic factors and durability, the colour, style and design is also a major contributor.

Choosing a Dog Bed to Match Your Decor

It could be that you are seeking dog beds for more than one room. Perhaps you have different styles in different rooms. Maybe a grey, taupe colour will suit the living room while something brighter is more suited to the kitchen.

The Country Classic Look

If you like the country classic look and want that dog bed to go in a room with a log burner or real fire, the Country range is ideal. Available in Midnight Blue, Olive Green and Chestnut Brown, there are various styles including the sofa, box walled bed and the mattress to choose from.

The size and style of dog bed that you choose may largely depend on the breed of dog while the colour will be decided by the interior design theme that you are trying to match.

Country Dog Beds

Modern/Contemporary Tastes

Contemporary Dog Beds

For the more modern/contemporary taste, there are a number of options in various styles and colours. Neutral themes including greys, taupe or browns may be brightened by a pop of colour while many will prefer a neutral colour that will suit any room.

Neutral Tones

Grey is an extremely popular colour at the moment and we have several options for you to choose from. There’s the Ashurst in Ash which is lighter on the outside and darker on the inside or the Exbury in Urban which is a two tone grey bed.

Brighter Colours

If you want something more dramatic, why not check out the Selbourne in Liquorice and Cherry? For a completely different colour, the Exbury Deluxe in Aquamarine gives you a two tone blue option. Ginger and Ember is a beautiful autumnal combination for those that want something bright that will go with earthy tones

As you can see, there are a whole array of colours to choose from but none so great as our Boxed Wall Collection with really bright colours such as this Hursley Orthopaedic Walled Dog Bed in Cabernet / Ash -  or this striking contrast Exbury Orthopaedic Walled Dog Bed - Black Coffee / Frost, Large

Who knows, you might even find a colour that inspires a redecoration for a particular room for your home. Why not match your decor to your choice of bed?