Getting Old Gracefully

Getting Old Gracefully

As always, the shrill of the doorbell caused much excitement and deafening barking from our two cocker spaniels – comprised of elderly gent 13-year-old Diggerley, and impish youngster Merlin, 4. We opened the door to discover a huge box addressed exclusively to Diggerley Byrne – which rather put jealous Merlin’s snout out! After ripping open the box, Diggerley started yappy and running in circles as we unveiled a sumptuous George Barclay Exbury orthopaedic walled dog bed – solely for our beautiful old boy. 

Now, as we treat our pooches like our two hairy sons they’ve always been allowed on the sofa and beds, but due to old age Diggerley has become more arthritic. He constantly tries but fails to jump onto the sofa to sit with the family and nuzzle in for a cuddle. It’s agony to watch his desperate attempts to clamber up, only for his back legs to give way so we have to haul him on. 

So, this stately blackberry coloured dog bed - which Diggerley knew instinctively was his – is an absolute godsend. Instead of getting increasingly agitated while desperately trying to make a jump to the couch, he now merrily trots over to his own luxurious sanctuary, as jealous Merlin looks on shooting filthy looks.

The bed is so gorgeous that his human family have been tempted to clamber in as well. The walled bed is created from the most exquisite upholstery fabric. There’s a plush central pillow and cosy inner sidewalls of soft woven material which perfectly complement the contrasting faux leather exterior. The bed has become a talking point for visitors, marvelling at how incredible it looks in our gothic-style sitting room and especially admired are its faux suede pipping and embossed faux leather patch embellished with an English flag.

After a few days getting used to his new surroundings, we noticed how Diggerley adores using the side bolster to rest his weary head. Another huge benefit is how the blended memory foam mattress remains cool during hot weather and has moulded around the shape of our lovely boy. Plus, it’s machine washable which is a great asset.

It’s heart breaking to watch your dog advancing into their senior years, though we are trying to stay positive and remember all the so many amazing memories we’ve shared with Diggerley. Our handsome son has been in modelling shoots for glossy magazines, been fussed over by many celebrities (I used to edit OK! Magazine), and even saved my life by sniffing out a lump which turned out to be aggressive cancer.

And like all devoted dog owners, we want to make his final years with us as comfortable as possible. Which is why our George Barclay bed has been an absolute blessing.

Thankfully, no longer do we have the pressure of watching our proud fellow struggle to jump on the sofa. And judging by the hearty snores that emanate as he rests across his new bed, it seems our old boy couldn’t be more delighted.

Lisa Byrne